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Special study of spurious electromagnetic emissions and induced interference


Conducting special studyGeyser Co. performs special studies of the following types:

  • bench testing of various technical facilities (personal computers, office appliances, active network equipment, sound amplification and remote control systems equipment, telephone offices and etc.)
  • object special study of stand-alone personal computers, local-area networks, amplification and accompanying sound systems, telephone offices and etc.
  • object special study of protected premises in order to identify acoustic and vibroacoustic information leakage channels
  • special "microphony" and "self-excitation" study of technical facilities located in protected premises
  • efficiency control of installed technical information security facilities
  • examination of shielding characteristic of special shielded premises and cameras

In the course of the mentioned above special studies we examine technical information security facilities for possible information leakage caused by:

  • spurious electromagnetic emissions;
  • conducted interference; protective earthing, close power and telecommunication wiring;
  • microphonic effect, spurious oscillations and irregularity of useful current;
  • acoustic and vibroacoustic channels.

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