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Estimation of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) between radioelectronic facilities of maritime objects


The computer-aided design system (CAD system) for estimating EMC of REF enables users to choose between radioelectronic facilities of maritime mobile objects reasoning from their structure and operating characteristics. CAD system fo estimating EMS of REFThe CAD system takes into account various methods of receivers and transmitter operations and their antenna and feeder transmission lines. The program interface allows users to perform on-line changing of simulation parameters, the structure of radioelectronic facilities, the methods of their operation, the variants of placing antenna stations atop the masts and deck housings.

Onboard ship REFs EMC estimation is conducted in accordance with Ruling Document В5.8657-89 “Electromagnetic compatibility of radio-electronic facilities. Methods of estimating electromagnetic compatibility of radio-electronic facilities installed onboard surface ships, submarine and other Navy objects”.

The CAD system performs:

  • automated input and database storage of onboard ship REFs performance characteristics in accordance with №1 Form of the State Commission for Radio Frequencies (SCRF);
  • designing 3-D ship model applied in AutoCAD system estimations;
  • determination of possible interference sources onto radio receivers (primary and spurious channels, group interference, intermodulation and blocking effects);
  • estimation of primary and spurious channels interference level at radio receivers inputs, as well as the influence of group interference, intermodulation and blocking effects;
  • searching of all operating points (frequencies) during dual EMC estimation;
  • listing of harmful interference sources with indication of their type and intensity;
  • estimation of REF operating quality deterioration degree by the given criteria;
  • development of recommendations regarding administrative and technical measures and application of collective protection equipment.

Electromagnetic field density distributionThe estimation results presented in a form of 3-D ship model allow users to make real time and complete analysis of electromagnetic field distribution, to estimate the influence of deck structures and REF technical parameters on the EMC figures.

The use of CAD system allows users to prove an optimal set of REFs, the variants of their placement and their usage mode on a maritime mobile object in all project stages – starting from schematic design to design documentation development and test performance.

The CAD system operation has been tested in several Navy ship projects

The CAD software is certified for Windows OS.

The basic CAD components were developed in С++ Builder-6 programming environment.

3-D ship models are projected in the AutoCAD design documentation development automation system

REF technical characteristics database is developed with the use of InterBase 6.5 DBMS. The presented CAD software complex was officially registered as a Computer Software by Certificate № 2005612434 of 28.07.2005 issued by the Federal Service of Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks.

EMS estimation scenario fragment
Figure 1. EMS estimation scenario fragment

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