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Certification tests for radio-electronic facilities with regard to EMC


Certification testsThe Geyser-Telecom Testing Laboratory tests technical facilities by functional parameters, electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety in GOST R and Russian River Register certification systems.


  • Information equipment
    • Networks, systems and computer complexes
    • Central computer complexes facilities
    • Peripheral facilities of computer complexes
    • Intersystem communication facilities
  • Wire communication
    • Cordless telephone sets
  • General purpose radio stations and communication receivers:
    • Angle modulation radio stations of land and maritime mobile services
    • SSB modulation radio stations of land and maritime mobile services
    • Trunking system equipment
    • Cellular mobile radiotelephone service equipment
    • Wireless PBX access systems
    • Radio-relay communication system equipment
    • Fixed and mobile satellite service earth stations
  • Radionavigation equipment
    • Onboard aircraft and helicopter satellite radionavigation equipment
    • Vehicle satellite radionavigation equipment
    • Ship satellite radionavigation equipment
    • Satellite radionavigation equipment components and spare parts

GEYSER-TEST laboratory equipmentThe Geyser-Telecom Testing laboratory is equipped with a full set of measuring technique and testing equipment, laboratory and methodical base, normative documents and skilled personnel with years of experience in conducting of full-scale certification tests for radioelectronic facilities including tests for radiated and electromagnetic interference, immunity to electromagnetic, electrical and magnetic fields, electrostatic discharge, nanosecond and microsecond impulse how power interference and voltage failures as well as overvoltage cases.

An important feature of Geyser-Telecom Company’s works is possibility to perform a range of turnkey works related to new radio facilities and technologies promotion on the Russian market (certification, preparation of GKRCH’s cards of №1 Form, making conclusions for obtaining GKRCH’s Decision on allocation of frequency bands, issuance of permissions for equipment supply and application, preparation of decisions on inclusion of radioelectronic facilities in the lists through simplified registration proceedings, issuance and coordination of notices for obtaining decisions from the Federal Communication Agency for frequency allocation and etc.)

Conducting certification testsConducting certification tests