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Discretionary access control equipment for dispatching systems


Discretionary access control (DAC) equipment (DAC-E – encoding, DAC-D – decoding) is designedfor discretionary access and protection of mobile object positional data from unauthorized use in dispatching systems.

Discretionary access control equipment

Mobile object positional data are protected by means of their encoding before being transferred to user terminal (UT) controller output with further decoding upon their receipt by dispatching center (DC) communication server.

Scheme of GNSS Differential Subsystems

The structural scheme of DAC equipment installation in a dispatching system is given below.

Scheme of DAC equipment installation 

Scheme of DAC equipment installation

DAC-E installed in TU of a mobile object receives and encodes digital positional (or other confidential) data generated by TU.

DAC-D operates analogously to DAC-C, but decodes positional data.

In order to restrict traffic control station access to the protected mobile object data access code and version number are applied. Each traffic control station has a specific access code to receive the data from specific TU.

Technical Characteristics

Microcontroller applied MSP-430
Data encoding algorithm GOST 28147-89
Number of access codes up to 100

Useful current

Operating mode

Sleep mode


up to 10 mA

up to 200 μA

Supply voltage 3 V - 30 V
Interface RS-232
Maximal data input-output speed 115000 bps


a) built-in unit

b) stand alone unit


35*25 mm, 35 g

35*20*60 mm, 60 g

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