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  • Participation in design and development of satellite systems
  • Design, supply and construction of telecommunication systems
  • Information technologies security
  • Consulting in the field of international radio spectrum regulation
  • Consultancy services related to the communication network development and operation
  • Communication and satellite navigation facilities testing and certification
High technologies in telecommunication market
Our Company strategy is a comprehensive approach to finding cost-effective solutions enabling reliable performance at every stage of a telecommunication system life cycle – from its concept design to deployment and full operation capability

Our company strategy
company's partners
  • Минкомсвязи России
  • МЧС России
  • Роскосмос
  • НИИ Радио
  • АО Российские космические системы
  • Спутниковая система Гонец
  • ФГУП Космическая связь
  • ПАО Ростелеком
  • ООО Иридиум Коммьюникешенс